Bay’s Elite Investments consultation expertise comes from 14 years of experience in acquiring, repositioning and selling apartment properties. In the process, we have fine-tuned and created a system to make the process extremely cost-effective in order to produce the highest return on our investments. There is no easy way to do this; however, there are consistent and proven methods that have worked for us over the years. As we have striven to put a system around our accomplishments and what we have learned over this period, the end result has been several adopted proprietary methods which are extremely efficient and streamlined.

Through consulting with Bay’s Elite Investments, you can acquire a wealth of information from what we have encapsulated over almost a decade and a half from purchase to management and to sale of investment properties. We look at investments as a value-add proposition. If the “value-add” component is there and the property can be acquired at the right price, following the purchase we strategize with the property owner to turn units and increase rents where possible. We do this despite owning and managing in many rent-controlled and eviction-controlled environments such and Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco.

Before you know it, several years have gone by and we manage to reposition the property, sell it, and attain a much higher return on investments for the property owner.